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United Senior Action


Paul Severance


Our Mission

Since 1979, United Senior Action has been uniting older Hoosiers into a powerful voice to impact policies affecting our lives and our communities. We are an Indiana-based organization with our officers, volunteers and operations right here in Indiana.

Together we work on issues such as:

  • rebalancing Indiana's long term care system
  • improving nursing home quality
  • demanding fair utility rates for all
  • prevention of elder abuse

Public policy decisions should not be made for seniors, they should be made by seniors. This belief is at the heart of our mission. People join our organization because they are passionate about the issues. Our members get as involved as they choose - from writing letters, to participating in public meetings, to walking the halls at the State Capitol.


The United Senior Advocate & Advocate Briefs

The United Senior Advocate is the quarterly newsletter of United Senior Action.  

Advocate Briefs are news updates published when information needs to get to our members quickly.

Click here to access issues of both publications.


Board of Directors

President: Denny Lanane  
Vice President: Nancy Griffin Julie Cook
Secretary: Dennis Frick Marie Hinshaw
Treasurer: Dan Skinner Lorealee Moore


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