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A Policy Brief from the Economic Opportunity Institute:

Keeping Social Security Strong: Four Steps We Can Take To Preserve America's Promise for Every Generation

by Marilyn Watkins, 2012



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Social Security Fact Sheet- What's at Stake in 2012


Social Security Analysis by CBO


May 19, 2011 letter in The Washington Post from John Rother,executive VP of AARP: Social Security, Medicare are Not Welfare


United Senior Action Information and Facts about Social Security, how it works, who it serves, and how it can continue.



The basic purpose of (Social Security Insurance) SSI is to assure a minimum level of income to people who are aged, blind, or disabled and who have limited income and resources. United Senior Action believes that we must continue this social insurance program and urges our elected officials to work together to identify the most efficient and effective way to do this without harming our most vunerable citizens.

On this issues page we will share information from government and other sources about the options for sustaining the social security insurance program. Go to our Social Secuirty Resources page to learn where other organizations stand on this issue.

Future of Social Security

In July 2010 the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) wrote a policy discussion of the future of social security. It began "Social Security is the federal government's largest single program, and as the U.S. population grows older in the coming decades, its cost is projected to increase more rapidly than its revenues. As a result, under current law, resources dedicated to the programs will become insufficient to pay full benefits in 2039.

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