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August 23,24, 2012 - Indiana Home Care Task Force Press Release

A Plan to Eliminate the Wait Lists for CHOICE, A&D & TBI Waivers

United Senior Action joined the The Indiana Home Care Task Force to announce a plan to stop the harm that is being done to tens of thousands of Hoosiers by the failure of the Daniels' administration to fund the CHOICE home health care program and Medicaid waivers that also provide home health care services.

Read the entire release by clicking here.

South Bend Tribune Article

WNDU, South Bend Channel 16 Coverage




March 9, 2012 - Indianapolis Star Article

USA Exective Director, John Cardwell watched legislation closely to protect seniors.

HB 1376 was a last-minute plan to give the Family and Social Services Administration broad powers to reduce Medicaid spending through emergency rule making. Read the March 9 article quoting John Cardwell of United Senior Action who stated that the legislation could have negatively affected thousands of seniors.

Click here to read the on-line Indianapolis Star Article.


January 23, 2012 - Press Conference

Today leaders of the Indiana Home Care Task Force asked legislators to follow a "Common Sense, Common Ground Plan " to stop the stand-off on the Right to Work (RTW) issue. Click here to read about the plan.


January 10, 2012 - Press Conference

RTW Spells Trouble for Union Retirees, Their Dependents, and Hoosiers


Indianapolis: Denny Lanane, United Senior Action President, joined Elmer Blankenship, President of the Indiana Alliance for Retired Americans, and John Cardwell, USA Dirctor and President of Hoosiers First, to ask state lawmakers to take a look at how RTW will affect union retirees and the communities where they live. They listed a series of consequences that could have a detrimental effect on all Hoosiers. Click here to read entire press release.


August 2, 2011 - Indianapolis Star

John Cardwell, Executive Director, United Senior Action

As members of Congress, I believe that each of you, when the whole of your collective service is fairly examined, have made important contributions to Indiana and the nation. However, the acid debate that is now going on in Washington does not set well with any of my family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. It demeans your collective and individuals achievements and intellect. It demeans your ability to lead when we need leadership.

Click here to read entire letter that was published Aug. 2 in the Indianapolis Star.


April 6, 2011 - Press Release

FSSA’s Misrepresentations Regarding the CHOICE Home Care Program are Placing Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities in Jeopardy

 --- Legislative Leaders Should STOP Using FSSA’s Bad Data Now ---

(State House, Indianapolis) On April 6, 2011, leaders representing United Senior Action, Indiana Alliance for Retired Americans, Hoosiers First, and other member organizations of the Indiana Home Care Task Force called on the Indiana General Assembly to stop basing budget and policy decisions on data presented by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA). The civic leaders believe the data presented by FSSA has been grossly misrepresented by the agency. In their view, the continued use of FSSA’s “bad” data is causing legislators to make decisions, such as cuts in home care services that will place senior citizens and persons with disabilities in severe jeopardy according to the leaders.

The leaders recommended a straight forward solution to the problems being created by FSSA: put in the 2011 state budget act the same language and funding levels regarding the CHOICE program that were in the 2009 budget law passed by the General Assembly. Those details appear at the end of this press release as a Joint Statement Regarding CHOICE from the Indiana Home Care Task Force.

Click this link for the full text of the press release and the fact sheet.


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