Nursing Home Quality 0f Care - where is it?


November, 2011

UCSF study: Low staffing & poor quality of care in national chain nursing homes

There is money to be made in the nursing home industry, but at what cost to our most needy? This study suggests that large, for-profit nursing homes staff their homes poorly to insure high profits, which also insures poorer quality of care. Read the press release from the Univerity of California, San Francisco: LOW STAFFING AND POOR QUALITY OF CARE AT NATION’S FOR-PROFIT NURSING HOMES

July, 2011

Nursing home deficiencies rise, direct care staffing lowers, and profits soar when private investment firms buy nursing homes: Read the GAO report to Congress

United Senior Action Demands Change in Indiana Nursing Homes

The Three Tenets of the USA End the Shame Campaign:

1. Put Residents First

* Provide equal access to home care and other community-based settings.

* Re-vision nursing home care to focus on smaller, self-contained small homes with 10 or fewer residents. We support designating a significant portion of Closure and Conversion Funds for this purpose.

* Use a significant portion of Closure and Conversion Funds to fund the establishment of high quality, brain injury services in Indiana which will eliminate improper placement in nursing homes.

* DO NOT continue to force residents and their families to give up their constitutional rights by requiring binding arbitration as a condition of admission.

2. Demand Good Care

Good care should be the standard, and providers of mediocre or poor care should not be rewarded. Our long term care system should reflect this. We must expect good care and accept nothing less.

* Set minimum staffing standards for nursing facilities; the "sufficient staffing" standard does not work.

* Require nursing facilities to maintain a well-trained, well-supervised direct care staff who get to know residents’ preferences and needs.

* Reduce the annual turnover rate in staff — currently 98 percent — among nursing assistants

* Change payment system that take into account resident and family feedback, quality measures, direct care staffing levels and staff turnover rates

* Reward nursing homes that provide superior care to receive higher Medicaid reimbursement.

3. Punish Abuse and Neglect

The voices of residents and families should be heard above all others. Stronger enforcement of our laws and regulation is what we need. If you provide bad care, the penalties should be swift, certain and severe.

* USA calls for a stronger enforcement system and opposes any proposal to undercut the Indiana State Department of Health’s informal dispute resolution process for appealing deficiencies.

* USA calls for a stronger Ombudsman program with the power to fine nursing homes for not delivering quality consumer-centered care which gives dignity & respect to each resident.

* USA calls for banning from the industry any owner or administrator who allows residents to be abused and neglected in their facilities.

* USA calls for tightening licensing requirements for new facilities or upon changes in ownership

* USA supports the federal Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement provisions of the Affordable Care Act which increase penalties and end the shell-game facilities use to avoid responsibility for poor care.



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