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HCBC is not an entitlement for those who have little monetary resources left and need this level of care. Instead, in order for their care to be paid for by Medicaid, Hoosiers are forced into nursing home facilities - care which is an entitlement - where their chances of returning home or improving are poor. If HCBC were to be designated a "state entitlement" we would see more people return to their homes with appropriate services, including skilled nursing and therapy services, where they are more likely to improve. If Indiana were to establish an "independent provider" system with appropriate standards and appropriate reimbursement rates, we would soon have enough home care workers to provide quality care in the home, even in our most rural areas.

However Indiana continues to embrace the policies and practices that support the more expensive nursing facility care. Why does the state continue to waste our tax dollars on this more expensive, less effective care for many people? Why is Indiana consistently ranked among the worst states for providing long term care services, including the poorest quality of nursing facility services? This will change only when Hoosiers insist that our state and our elected representatives start listening to us and start spending our money wisely to care for those who raised us.

Staying in our own home. That's what we all want as we age. To accomplish this, services through the CHOICE and Medicare Waiver home care programs can be incredibly helpful. Go to our HCBS-resources page to learn more about these programs and how to access them.The wait lists are long, so be sure to sign up the person who needs care as soon as you can - they will be assessed and ready to go when they get to the top of the list.

Indiana's Shame: When you can't stay at home any longer, you want to maintain your dignity, be respected and maintain as much control over your life as possible. You want to get the help you need when you need it. You want to be cared for in a clean environment, free from danger. This doesn't happen in many nursing facilities in Indiana- which is our shame.

Indiana Advocacy: The Generations Project was begun in 2001 to work on improving access to home and community-based services in Indiana. The project works with organizations including United Senior Action and the Indiana Home Care Task Force to keep abreast of HCBS issues and what is needed in Indiana. They hold annual listening sessions throughout the state to hear from consumers, their families and service providers. Go to the web site to read the publications they have produced over the past several years. The lastest publication is The Good Road Home. This publication lists fifteen consensus conclusions about Indiana's home and community-based services. You may also want to read Lessons From Home Applied and other publications.




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