The Positive Power of Civic Engagement


Challenge and Change


Today, public and private programs that benefit senior citizens and other persons with health, medical, and long term care needs are under scrutiny.

Across the nation, there are cries to change public programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that have served the needs of senior citizens and other Americans for decades. In Indiana there have even been discussions to significantly change the CHOICE home care program and the administration of all home and community based services.

In the private sector a variety of changes threaten vital products and services including insurance, medical care, retirement benefits, pension plans, and investments. The cost of food, energy, transportation, housing, education, a healthy environment, and other critical needs challenge all Americans.

Challenge and change are not new to our country, but fundamental changes in how we live and care for each other can be harsh and lasting for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, low-income families, and other people.

United Senior Action believes senior citizens can help Indiana and the nation to meet these challenges and, thereby, provide leadership to Americans of all ages.

Through policy education and advocacy training, senior citizens can learn successful, common sense techniques for contemporary civic engagement. This knowledge is empowering because it gives any person the ability to make change. That may be change in a local community or within an organization. The change may be in the policies of local, state or national government. Senior citizens that are so empowered can effect big changes because of the vast experience and many skills they have already acquired during their lives.

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