Started in 1978 United Senior Action is Indiana's only home-grown advocacy organization that educates, engages, and empowers seniors and those who care about them to become dynamic advocates for issues and programs that affect them.

We believe that now more than ever Indiana needs a strong grassroots network of Hoosiers who care about issues affecting older residents, their families, & their communities.

We believe that all seniors should be able to live with the independence they want and the dignity they deserve.



In Memory of Paul Chase

“A good marriage is like the Indiana General Assembly. Like the legislature, for a marriage to work well listening and compromise must be involved.” When Judge Paul Chase officiated our wedding fifteen years ago those were his opening comments. We tried to suppress our laughs. Our matron of honor blurted OMG in a loud stage whisper. The audience ran with the joke. The perfect funny line delivered with matchless timing to present a message we’ve never forgotten.

That was so Paul although if someone said he was ‘perfect’ he might have responded, with a twinkle in his eye and the hint of a boyish smile, ‘Little does he know. Do you think I should tell him?’

Perfect or not, Paul Chase was for so many people pretty close to ideal. Paul brought humor, kindness, sensitivity, intelligence, wiliness, courage, and presence to virtually everything he did. He also had other qualities that everyone who worked, played, or was otherwise engaged with Paul felt: a sense of genuine friendship and caring.

These were among the many legacies that Paul left his family, friends and colleagues. For the citizens of Indiana Paul did and left much more. His policy advocacy and administrative talents bestowed the gift of life and human rights for many Hoosiers with HIV. Paul’s lobbying of lawmakers, cajoling of bureaucrats and judges, and countless other acts of friendly persuasion has meant better health, utility, and human services for millions of Hoosiers. Many people never knew Paul Chase, but everyone in Indiana has benefitted from what he did with his life when he was among us.

Hoosiers will long miss Paul Chase, their subtle and gentle champion. To Terry and all of Paul’s family, thank you for sharing Paul with us.

John Cardwell and Nancy Griffin, Indianapolis, June 27, 2014

Adverse Drug Reactions

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) are the 4 th leading cause of death in the U.S. It is also the second leading health care expense. People in the undeveloped countries are dying from lack of medical care. But in the United States, unintended harmful drug reactions are causing thousands of deaths and hospital admissions every year. According to the Center for Disease Control, adverse drug reactions send 700,000 Americans to the emergency rooms every year.

This is a very serious problem. Be careful about prescription drugs you are taking. If you have more than one doctor be sure they all know what other doctors are prescribing you. Be careful about supplements that you take and check with your pharmacist to be sure they do not cause a negative reaction with your prescription drugs. In other words, each of your doctors should be aware of all the medications you are taking and don't be afraid to ask professionals about potential drug interactions.

United Senior Action is researching this problem and will be furnishing information about what you need to do to keep from being one of the 700,000 patients that end up in unnecessarily in emergency rooms due to adverse drug reactions.



Why does Indiana not run Adult Protective Services as a Social Services Agency?

According to the National Adult Protective Services Association(NAPSA) is supposed to be run as 'Social Services' agencies. Indiana is the only state in the union that does not comply with national standards that the states were supposed to follow when this Federal law was passed. The following is a quote from NAPSA, “ APS is a social services program, which focuses on meeting the needs of, and protecting, vulnerable adult victims of abuse (note: one state, Indiana, is administered through county district attorneys’ offices but that is the exception). In general, APS investigators and caseworkers are social workers who have been trained to investigate all types of abuse, including financial exploitation.”

I can not speak all of the Adult Protection Services areas, but Area 6 Adult Protective Services is run by a supervisor who is appointed by our county Prosecutor. I have been working with seniors for 18 years and every Adult Protective Services Investigator that I ever met was a retired law enforcement officer. For the past seven or eight years, seniors who are exploited, abused and/or neglected in our area, have not been able to get much help from Adult Protective Services.

It is my experience some of the APS Investigators who are retired law enforcement officers were probably really good criminal investigators. However they lack the training that APS Investigators that have 'social services' backgrounds that include gerontology and mental health training and have experience working with people who have problems that are associated with diminished cognitive ability.

Indiana sadly lags behind in too many areas when it comes to protecting Indiana's older Hoosiers. Not having Adult Protective Services Investigators with the proper backgrounds costs the taxpayers millions of dollars plus the frustration and stress of the older Hoosiers and their families. 

Denny Lanane, President of the Board, United Senior Action

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